Glossary of Terms – Craniosacral and other Manual Therapies

CranioSacral Therapy:  gentle touch that softens and mobilizes connective tissue and meninges

Somato Emotional Release:  learning what emotions are linked to pain and dysfunction, and in a trusting environment, gaining resolution and freedom from the intensity of the memory

Body Psychology:  learning the language of the mind-body connection

Imagery and Dialoguing:  exploring the subconscious and brining forth awareness

Sensory Integration:  understanding link sensory triggers of stress and avoidance and pain

Myofascial Release:  lengthening and mobilizing connective tissue

Lymphatic Drainage:  gentle massage of lymphatic pathways and nodes to help body detox

Zero Balancing:  structural realignment to regain symmetry of the body

Strain – Counterstrain Manual Therapies:  a more directive, deeper use of myofascial release

Visceral Manipulation:  gentle stretching and mobilization of the suspension connective tissue surrounding organs to gain freedom from pain