About Us


Special Therapies, Inc., was developed by Susan Vaughan Kratz, OTR, CST-D in 1994.  Starting out in a rented schoolhouse, the practice grew to a small clinic in Brookfield, and has now evolved into over 2000 square-feet of space to meet our clients’ needs.   We are located at 1720 Dolphin Drive in Waukesha.

Expertise:  Special Therapies is a private group of therapists, licensed to practice in the state of Wisconsin, who have decades of experience offering the following services:

• Sensory Integration
• CranioSacral Therapy
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Neuro Developmental Therapy

Some of the Issues Addressed at Special Therapies include:

Developmental Issues
• Learning Disabilities
• Neurological Disorders
• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• Communication Disorders
• Sensory Integration Dysfunction
• Feeding Problems
• Dyslexia
• Language Processing Disorders
• Auditory Processing Disorders
• Ocular Motor Problems
• Cerebral Palsy
• Dyspraxia
• Self-Regulation Difficulties
• Hyperlexia
• Brain injuries and concussions
Adult Issues
• Chronic Pain
• Recent and/or Long Term Injuries
• Adult Issues of Sensory Integration
• Headaches
• General Health & Wellness
• Sports Concussions

Our Clinic:  The group practices an eclectic style of intervention.  With strong backgrounds in pediatric and adult neuro-rehabilitation, neuro-developmental treatment, visual-perception, sensory integration, CranioSacral therapy, handwriting without tears, and augmentative communication, Special Therapies, Inc. shapes its practice model into a sound developmental and play-based format.  The group, as a whole, works consistently to stay abreast of current theories, approaches, and best practices.  Primary referral sources have been word-of-mouth communication based upon clinical outcomes.